Welcome to my Katorriginal® website!

Go big or go home!  

That’s what I told myself while building my new website.  And since I’m already home all the time, it’s really came down to just — go big!  And get it done.

For years I’ve had a Katorriginal® website to show my art, but it functioned more as a gallery where you could look and not buy (or at least, not easily buy online).  With in-person shopping on hold indefinitely, my website now offers a fully functional online gallery and shop. 

What you see here is not only my art but my self.  And it’s all me — after doing a lot of research I decided to do all the work myself (with a boost from some online courses and savvy friends).  What you see here — the colors, the look and feel — it’s all my artistic vision wrapped up in a website, from the images to each sentence.  As I share my inspiration and ideas, I think of it as having a conversation with you — and I hope you feel the same.

I’m thrilled to share my art with all of you, the friends I know and the friends I have yet to meet, whether online or in person.  

Have fun exploring, and check back often as I’m adding items all the time.  I’m doing more social media as well, so I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as well.

Be well, and I hope my Katorriginal® website will entice you to bring some of my art to your every day and to your own home.